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Welcome to mindhub from Pearson VUE, your online purchasing resource for Microsoft Certification Exam Certificates and Microsoft Certified Hands-on Testing by MeasureUp.

Microsoft Certification exam vouchers

For your purchase of a Microsoft Certification exam voucher, make your choice among several options. Some options include a rehearsal and reductions. We offer exam vouchers for both Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) and Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) exams that can be used for any of the available exams.

Official Microsoft Certified practice tests by MeasureUp

MeasureUp works with Microsoft to create field tests that are highly focused on the exam objectives. The MeasureUp platform provides instant feedback on areas where you need to improve. In addition to identifying areas for improvement, it also reinforces correct practice test answers through additional context to these correct answers. You can access the MeasureUp field tests from any of your devices, giving you the flexibility to learn. We offer the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) practice exam and the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) practice exam. Each of these tests can be applied to any of the available practice tests of MeasureUp.